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Taiwan manufacturers “Smartpower Technology Global Company Ltd.” developed the world’s first wireless quick charge module

Wireless charging is bound to become the future trend,Taiwan manufacturers Smartpower Technology(SmartPower)They developed the world’s first wireless quick charge module,Smartpower ‘s business manager Mico Huang said: ” The newly developed wireless charging technology can be greatly increased to 15 watts, and performance can be compared quick charge cable.” Mico stressed that, the smart phone with this function, only 1 minute to increase 1 to 2 percent of electricity. Wireless quick charging module can be used in a variety of tools, such as wireless charging car cradles & mounts, bedside tables, desks, even build into the LCD monitor stands. Put wireless charging devices , anytime, anywhere to help charge the phone!

The wireless power module produced by Smartpower Technology can be installed in your living space! With the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Institute for Information Industry , Industrial Technology Research Institute and other units jointly promote HTC, wireless charging built around Taiwan. In addition to the venue Palais de Chine Hotel offers wireless charging services , other places also have to provide this service. Including Family Mart ( Hung Kai shop ), Hi-Life Convenience Store ( Caesar shop, Butterfly Dress Shop), and Taipei transfer stations also provide wireless charging service. Wireless charging services will also be extended to convenience stores , cafes , passenger bus , passenger stations , tourist attractions, as well as department stores, shopping centers, etc.

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